I’m Peter Sachs, the author and publisher of DroneLawJournal.com, and TheDroneGuy on Twitter.  

Federal law requires that anyone you hire to operate a drone, must be FAA-licensed. Finding an FAA-licensed commercial drone pilot based upon where they offer services is not an easy task, since you can’t search the FAA’s official pilot registry by location, and you certainly can’t search it by locations where a pilot offers services. You may search the FAA’s registry only by the pilot’s name. Moreover, the FAA also asks you to submit your own personal information before any search. 

So, I created this site. It’s a searchable database that makes it easier to find FAA-licensed commercial drone pilots, who offer services in particular states or cities, throughout the United States. And you don’t need to reveal anything about yourself to search.

CUSTOMERS: Hire an FAA-Licensed Drone Pilot

This site provides you with an easy way to find an FAA-licensed commercial drone pilot by locations served. Whether you need aerial photos or video, surveying, mapping, inspection, search and rescue, or news media services or interviewees, you can start your search right here.

PILOTS: Be listed as an FAA-Licensed Drone Pilot

This site provides you with an additional, inexpensive means of marketing your aerial services, by making it easier to be found by those looking for FAA-licensed commercial drone pilots by the locations they serve. If you hold a current FAA Remote Pilot Certificate, you qualify to be listed in this directory. Sign up to be listed here.